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We Buy, Sell and Trade a wide variety of stringed instruments.  Select a category or the name of an individual instrument listed below for pics and descriptions.  All underlined text are links.  We are in no way affiliated with the Guitar Salon of New York, Los Angeles or Canada.  We have lots of new inventory that has not yet been photographed.  Call 415-647-4940, email at stevesguitars@yahoo.com for pics and details or look at my ebay page (my user name is mitchellmarica).


Solid Body Electrics




Eugene Clark (2) $5,000/ea.
Lata Levia 
Conor $8,500
Jim Holler $4,500
Michael Cone $3,500
Steven Faulk$2,500



Petit Jean $7,500


Harmony cremona


Bronson Honolulu Deluxe Brazilian Rosewood $3,250

Avalon A101 $2,500

Gibson HG 22 Acoustic $2,750

Gitane (Django Style) $750

Gibson Tenor $850
Epiphone Recording A $2,500 

Twin reverb cab with Naylor speakers $ 300

Vintage PA harb amp &150

G Guitars custom Tele w Don Mare pickups (HSC) 
Fernandes $300

Steel string hand carved soprano uke
Pinapple hand carved concert uke
American Tenor Banjo $400