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Arch-Tops and Electric

Harmony Cremona
Harmony at their best in the '40's & '50's.
These hand-carved arch-tops were competitive with Gibson's L-7.
Measures 16 1/2 inches.

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This ES 175 has been sold.  We have another ES-175 listed on Ebay





Items below sold within the last year


Levin 1940 (SOLD)


16.5 inches wide as in the style of the early Loar L5.
The guitar is refinished in an attractive sunburst,

has no cracks or structural issues.

It plays and sounds amazing, as it is clear and responsive.
The early guitars (.5 inches larger than the L5s they where modeled from) have no serial #'s.

One is on exhibit at the Met in Nyc as part of Rudy's collection on 48th st. in NYC.

However that one also refinished is not done in sunburst as John did on these models.

It comes with the original Lifton case, replica pick guard. I have a Dearmond 1000 for a small charge that can be included.



National Archtop


Handmade Archtop Guitar By Berringer

1924 Gibson L-1

Brown Stain Archtop

Acoustic Guitar

1940s Gibson ES-300

Sunburst Acoustic Electric Guitar. 

1930's Gibson L7 Vintage


 Gibson Johnny Smith 1978

Cort Archtop

1939 Gibson L5

17" with original case 






Fleta replica. 
American violin builder,
Wes Palmer made this guitar
in the 50's.