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Our Store

Steve's Guitars of San Francisco
Call 415-647-4940 or email stevesguitars@yahoo.com for latest inventory, pics and details.  Our store is open by appointment.
We buy, sell and trade.  The categories listed below are what we specialize in.  As can be seen in the picture of the shop, we also carry banjos, ukeleles, solid bodies and vintage amps as well as budget items. 
 Payment for all instruments can be done through Paypal. 
My Paypal account is stevesguitars@yahoo.com.

Archtop Guitars 

Handmade Classical Guitars

Historical Instruments

Vintage Guitars

The Levin Collection
Levin is a Swedish maker of fine archtop guitars.  We have just aquired 3 vintage Levins and a unique guitar made by Crafton, one of Levin's employees. Please inquire about our new collection.

We carry classical guitars from the finest luthiers including Antonio Marin of Granada, Spain, Jose Bellido, Aaron Garcia RuizJim Holler, Gary Southwell, Earnest Koroskenyi, Eugene Clark, Joaquin Garcia, Bernardo Rico and Darren Hippner.

We carry replicas of historic instruments such as lutes, vihuelas and baroque guitars by reputable builders like Dan Larson, Clive Titmuss, Alexander Hopkins and Lourdes Uncilla.  We also carry 19th century guitars.

We carry collectible guitars from every decade by makers such as Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Atkins and Epiphone.